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S.R. Ringuette

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S.R. Ringuette – AKA Sebastien Ringuette – is a British/French-Canadian crossbreed that successfully reached maturity in the harsh (although friendly) climate of Western Canada. My mission has always been to create entertaining content in some form or another, and I began publishing my cartooning work online in 2007. I am the creator of multiple web comics: Exploding Wumpus, The Aversion Bureau, Gamer Roommates, and It Has Pictures. In recent years, I have directed my primary creative focus towards novel writing and teaching, and am now part of the incredible team at Barrel Marketing. I believe free time is a luxury afforded only to the sane.

You can email me with any freelance art, writing, or design work, because oftentimes people will pay me to do those things! Maybe you want me to teach your children/teenagers/adults about cartooning, or become a resident creator at a school they attend – I can do that! Or maybe you just want to talk about comics, that’s alright too.

So go ahead, scroll down to learn all there is to know about the awkward, wild-eyed savage who handed you his burgundy business card at a time that was very likely inappropriate for self-promotion.



Featuring fully-functional, flipping paper sheets

operable with one or both hands – legible in English



Just like books, only fundamentally dissimilar

also there’s panels and stuff


Content advisory [PG13] — [14A]

These comics no longer update on a regular schedule and currently exist only in an archival state with all past content still available online to read and enjoy.



Art that takes forever and costs more

but its real and that's what counts I guess

Custom painting commissions available upon request via email

(Currently closed for commissions as of Feb 2019)



Design & Illustration for every need

except if you need a bicycle - those are impossible to draw


I have received contract work from businesses, short films, and web series’ from one end of Canada to the other – and even into the mysterious beyond! (America)

Feel free to contact me with your desire to have art, writing, or graphic design created for you – or with you. Click on the above images for a recent gallery of design & illustration work.

I am also part of the unspeakably rad team over at Barrel Marketing - a full-service marketing agency that can make literally anything happen.



Instructional fun thoroughly enjoyed by actual teenagers!

and sometimes young-looking actors

I have also been known to teach, specifically: the younger generations, on how to make comics in lieu of any more traditionally valuable skill set. I have taught at, organized, and run youth programming for the Writer’s Guild of Alberta such as the Wordsworth creative writing residency and Drink The Wild Air. In 2014 I founded and continue to lead an awesome youth cartooning club in Calgary called Pen & Panel, and do work with the Reality Is Optional Creative Kids Programming organization. I have spent time as a cartoonist, artist, and writer in residence across numerous schools in Calgary and, hell, I've even done birthdays.

Why this person in particular?

What's he gonna teach me? (Not grammar)

Below are selected noteworthy teaching opportunities both past & present which will hopefully convince you that this isn't such a crazy idea after all.

  • Speaker at Calgary Young Writer's Convention

    • 2017

  • Electives cartooning instructor at Calgary Waldorf school

    • 2016, 2017, 2018

  • Cartoonist in Residence at St. Dominic elementary school

    • 2015

  • Instructor & Counselor at the Writer's Guild of Alberta's Wordsworth Youth Writing Residency

    • 2014-2017

  • Instructor with Alexandra Writer's Centre Society Youth Programming

    • 2014-Present

  • Instructor with Reality Is Optional Kid's Writing Club

    • 2014-Present

  • Founder of Pen & Panel Youth Cartooning Club

    • 2014-Present

I have experience working with students from Kindergarten to grade 12 and beyond - my fun and flexible crash-course in cartooning "Understanding and Creating Comics" can be adjusted for ANY age group or skill level, and expanded to support many weeks worth of specific instruction just as easily as arranging simple, one-time visits. My simplified, interactive, and activity-based teaching style is a hit with students and teachers alike. Contact me directly and I can easily concoct lessons specific to your classroom's needs.


Do you love to draw? Do you love to write?

Enter the world of comics and be forced to choose between the two no longer! Cartooning is the quintessential amalgamation of drawing and writing that doesn’t require you to be a master of either! Learn how to create your own comics from start to finish, including everything from character design and pacing, to story structure and script-writing. Develop and discover the artistic styles of a cartoonist, your inner comedian, and how to love your own work. Learn how to self-publish your works and how to bring them to the world! Cartooning is a world of trial and error, so expect to spend as much time writing and drawing as possible. (Occasionally we pause to breath)



illustration/teaching/graphic design/writing/paintings/comics/chit-chat

answering emails never gets old