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Gamer Roommates




A comic strip about literally anything, from 2013 - 2015

Gamer Roommates was a no-concepts-barred gag comic strip set to the tune of “two guys sitting on a couch playing video games” but I spent most of its two year run too busy making comics to even play any video games, resorting then to jokes about whatever nonsense amused me while I toiled at my work-a-day job. It was at this point that Gamer Roommates devolved into a strip about literally whatever was coming to mind at the time - which lead the creation of some of my very favourite strips from any project overall (based primarily around the nonsense, reference above.)

Helped along by the omnipresent wisdom and talent of the lovely human who wrote the foreword to my anniversary collection, this strip was the first time I ever really saw quantifiable “success” with a project while it was still updating, and all the lamentation of its inert joke-title aside, I believe Gamer Roommates contains some real gems that are still worth reading.




Gamer Roommates was never officially collected in its own book - but all the strips worth reading are included in “What Have I Done?!” my 10-year anniversary collection.

Additionally - Gamer Roommates can be read in its entirety (including the strips that didn’t make it into the decade collection) on the amazing comic-reading app Comic Chameleon.


In the mean time, get a taste for the strip with a few of my favourite comics, collected in the gallery below!